Working with Multimedia on your WordPress Site

There are three compelling reasons in working with multimedia content on your website, in addition to experiencing more interaction and shares. It lengthens visitors’ stays on your site, helps with SEO, and enables you to improve branding.

Multimedia allows for audience retention

We anticipate instant satisfaction. Our attention spans are getting shorter, and this is reflected in the stuff we consume. This is the reason why TikToks or short form contents became a trend. To account for this change, authors, journalists, and bloggers have changed the way they write. Even if you believe your video or blog is fantastic, if it’s too long or doesn’t have interesting multimedia to help break up the monotony, people will spend less time on your site.

Multimedia is good for SEO

Search engines scan your content for keywords and keyphrases that might raise your rating. Every element you post, including photographs and videos, must have metadata. To guarantee ideal website load times and ensure that videos load, you should constantly optimize your picture size. If not, it will impact how well you rank in search results. Make sure to name your files using a naming convention that promotes your page or post as well as being pertinent to the file. Every piece you upload should include a description to help with ranking.

Multimedia equates to effective branding: There is no doubt that using multimedia on your website or blog will increase traffic and help you establish your brand. People have become quite visual in modern society. Although video is one of the most widely used multimedia formats, blogs and websites that offer a wider range of digital media, such as audio and slideshows, have even better engagement rates.

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People would rather watch a YouTube or TikTok tutorial than read the manual

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