Why get the Ulanzi MT-20?

I already have the K&F SA2324 Tripod, why get the Ulanzi MT-20? I recently got the K&F SA2324, probably the lightest and most affordable travel tripod out there. But I had an upcoming trip abroad and despite it being tagged as a travel tripod, I just couldn’t imagine myself bringing that for the whole 7 days of my trip.

The best mini tripod should provide ideal camera steadiness. Yet, it shouldn’t occupy any room in your camera bag. On a tabletop, you can photograph food. Vlogs and live broadcasts may be captured at your workplace. You may even shoot selfies at home with it. A useful piece of gear that every photographer needs is a little tripod.

What is the best mini tripod?

The advantages of utilizing a tripod are well known. We can photograph in low light because of its steadiness. Also, they maintain the location of our camera when we take repeated images from the same angle. But, there are drawbacks.

Typically, tripods are bulky, heavy, and difficult to store in camera bags. Even the greatest telescoping tripods may be heavy and clumsy. For media producers, small tripods are a discovery because of this. They are petite and tiny. They also fit easily into your camera bag.

The top tiny tripods are practical pieces of equipment. For compact, DSLR, and mirrorless cameras, there are small tripods available. Tripods for smartphones and action cameras are also available. And you can use them for all kinds of photography and video production.

Furthermore ideal for food photography are small tripods. These can assist in holding your vlogging camera. They are also perfect for supporting streaming cameras. Self-portraits are another application for photographers. Alternatively, you might try taking small photos.

Ulanzi MT-20 Carbon Fiber Tripod

  • 360° multifunctional panoramic metal ball head
  • 8-layer carbon fiber extendable tripod,  three-stage extendable carbon fiber tripod
  • Play all angles without pressure,360° panoramic shooting, capture every moment
  • Camera L-shaped positioning baffle
  • There is a cold shoe on the side of the ball head, which can expand the microphone and fill light
  • External 1/4” screw hole, can be used with magic arm and external photographic equipment

Watch my thoughts as I unboxed the Ulanzi MT-20 here.

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