Old and New Camera

My passion for photography is reflected on my old and new camera. The pandemic really did a number on all of us. It led us to the brink of desperation. Being in quarantine for more than a year made me appreciate certain changes knowing they are now a part of life. But not all can easily adapt to change. Others try to apply what they are used to, others just simply detest the notion.

Change is constant

I cannot blame those who are still grasping for the “old normal”. I do not discredit nor invalidate the things they went through to achieve their status quo. As for me, don’t think I’m brave in accepting change. I’m not. I just try to go with the flow and make do with what I end up with.

Paradigm Shift

Now don’t mistake this for something profound. That is not my cup of tea. All this boils down to is me masking my horrendous tendency to shop during a crisis for something nobler. This rambling is all because I got a used Fujifilm X100S to go along with my XT100. For those giving me the confused look: Fujifilm XT100 is a 2018 model of a mirrorless camera with 24MP sensor that I only got around February. And in less than a year, I got my hands on a 2013 model with only 16MP sensor devoid of touchscreen and wireless transfer abilities. But despite the aforementioned downgrades, I am actually loving this old beauty!

I used to think that people who tug along a vintage-looking camera are pretentious. I honestly still think they are, up until I got hold of the classic X100S that I realized its charming potential.


This is not to say that my Fujifilm XT100 is the latest top-of-the-line model. It’s far from it. It is an entry-level mirrorless camera that has a standard engine but with an updated airbag system. It is sufficient for my hobby while not breaking the bank. The X100S however is a classic, yet some camera aficionados would call me crazy by preferring a very primitive camera over the XT100. I don’t. It’s just that the fixed lens system allows me to go about my day without having to decide which lens should I bring with me. This removes that from the equation and just allows me to have fun preparing for a shoot. The bottom line is, I love them both. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the latest and greatest, it all boils down to how the camera (/s) speaks to you. And you may find pleasure in unexpected and simple things like the classic Fujifilm X100S.

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