About me


What is Gamora?

I am always dedicated to whatever I set my mind to do. Whether in teaching, content creation/photography or web design, I always immerse myself completely which is oftentimes detrimental to my health.

I am a full-time instructor by day, IT consultant by night, content creator every weekend, and a full-fledged foodie whenever my stomach demands it.

People First

I am not inherently a people person, so when I work with them, I make the most out of it.

Quality of work

Whether as an ordinary employee, or administrator, I always want my work to show utmost workmanship.


I suffer from ADHD so I make sure every task is interconnected to maximize my time.


I am in no way an expert. I always have room to grow.

You have a job for me?

Whether you need personality development coaching, web design ideas, or help with tech troubles, don’t hesitate to reach out.