Hi! I’m Roel Hernandez. Thank you for dropping by. I’ve exhausted every creative juice I have right now that I don’t know what I should write on my introduction so I broke down some of the things I am currently busy with below.


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Photography Journey

What is Photography: An Introduction

This photography introduction was designed with beginners in mind, and it includes a number of point…

Five Elements of Composition

Although it can be challenging to explain, effective composition is a crucial component of successfu…

Best Street Photography Spots in Manila

You have built an arsenal of gears for your next adventure. You just bought some prime lenses from V…

Five Elements of Photography

What makes a photo pop? Oftentimes, we have photos of common things composed in an ordinary fashion.…

Why get the Ulanzi MT-20?

I already have the K&F SA2324 Tripod, why get the Ulanzi MT-20? I recently got the K&F SA232…

Getting rid of my lenses

I am finally getting rid of my lenses. I recently put up all my Viltrox lenses (the 23mm f1.4 mkII, …

What gets me going?

The fear of the unknown. To create things and evolve with them.

The Ugly Writers is one of my early passion projects that was intended to immerse people into the habit of reading and writing.
Pinoy Sandbox was made to showcase develop the youth’s interest in photography and other forms of art. It now houses my lectures and school materials.
Shoot with Hero started as an Instagram account where I feature some of my photography skills.